About this course

Always nervous during presentations? Don't worry, we all are. This short module will go through tips to help you prepare for your next presentation. You will learn several handy tricks on managing any speaking anxiety, best practices to presenting and ways to practise effectively.

Course outline

  • 1


    • Welcome

  • 2

    Managing your speak fear

    • Control your fear

    • Imposter Syndrome

  • 3

    Tips to presenting

    • Learn to 'un-script'

    • During your presentation - Manage the nerves

  • 4

    Prepare your presentation

    • How to practise

    • Before your presentation - Positive Thinking Tips

  • 5


    • Further Training

Meet our speaker coach!

Sanja Jovanovic

I am a speaker, coach, entertainer and educator. My absolute passion is facilitating organisational change and assisting with re-engaging staff for more successful business outcomes. The most important part of the process is effective communication.

As a theatre performer for 18 years, I bring large stage experience and non-verbal communication expertise to the table. With my qualifications in management, expertise in international relations and experience as a board member for multiple organisations, I am able to facilitate communication training at various levels within organisations with unique perspective.


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  • Who are the courses designed for?

    Everyone! Our courses are aimed at both speakers wanting to prepare for their presentations, or anyone who wishes to improve on a new skill.

  • What are my pricing options?

    Courses are purchased through a single payment. Course pricing varies depending on the course topic and contents.

    For pricing details of a specific course, visit our Course List.

  • How long do I have to complete a course?

    You get lifetime access to course contents with your single purchase. Learn at your own pace!

  • Are there any prerequisites or assumed knowledge?

    No assumed knowledge is required. Whether you are an amateur in public speaking or working in the professional industry, there will always be some tips you can take out from our courses.

  • Is there a particular order I should enrol into the courses?

    All courses are independent and designed for you to work at your own pace. You can choose to follow our recommended course structures or just purchase individual courses that interest you.

  • Do you offer further training?

    Yes! Whether you wish for further assistance or just want to extend on your learning, Talent Academy offers one-on-one workshops to suit your needs. Arrange for an online meeting or meet us in our office in Adelaide, Australia.

    Contact us at info@talentacademy.com.au or call 0402223626 to book a meeting.