About this course

Always nervous during presentations? Don't worry, we all are. This short module will go through tips to help you prepare for your next presentation. You will learn several handy tricks on managing any speaking anxiety, best practices to presenting and ways to practise effectively.

Course outline

  • 2

    1. Managing fear

    • Manage the nerves

    • More tips to managing nerves

    • REFLECTION: What are your strengths & weaknesses?

  • 3

    2. Building confidence

    • Imposter Syndrome

    • Positive Thinking Tips

  • 4

    3. Preparing yourself for the presentation

    • How to practise

    • Learn to 'un-script'

  • 5


    • Next steps

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Meet your coach

Sanja Jovanovic

I am a speaker, coach, entertainer and educator. My absolute passion is facilitating organisational change and assisting with re-engaging staff for more successful business outcomes. The most important part of the process is effective communication.

As a theatre performer for 18 years, I bring large stage experience and non-verbal communication expertise to the table. With my qualifications in management, expertise in international relations and experience as a board member for multiple organisations, I am able to facilitate communication training at various levels within organisations with unique perspective.




Sanja is one of the most engaging, powerful and infectiously genuine speakers I have ever met. Beyond stage presence, Sanja has an amazing understanding of speaking and social dynamics. Her power is her ability to distill complex ideas into easy to understand practical actions for her audience. I've learned more about sub communications in 1 session with Sanja than I have from anyone else.


Spending Made Easy

Sanja is a life-saver. Even though it is a couple of months off, I feel like her workshops are getting me totally in the right headspace to nail my presentation first time, and then EVERY time. Thank you Sanja!



Not just a brilliant MC, Sanja is amazingly organised and resourceful while taking stress off everyone involved. She is a brilliant speaker and knows how to engage the crowd while giving presenters confidence and guidance as needed throughout an event. I can not recommend Sanja highly enough and her consultation right from starting to organise an event through to the guests leaving. She is a talented speaker and someone that can be relied on in all situation to make the best possible outcome.


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    Our courses target all skill levels, regardless if you are a professional speaker preparing for your next presentation or someone just starting out to gain a new skill.

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    Online live coaching is available!
    If you would like personalised one-to-one coaching sessions, reach out to us for a tailored quote. Call 0402 223 626 or email info@talentacademy.com.au for more information.