Public speaking made easy!

Public speaking can be scary and confronting for anyone.

Whether it’s a stage anxiety or simply that the message isn’t cutting through, communicating and presenting yourself effectively can help you build confidence and engage with your audience.

Public speaking skills and effective communication are essential in:
  • call-centres
  • face-to-face sales
  • interview scenarios
  • media relations and press releases
  • keynotes
  • managerial level training
  • networking events
  • Who are we

    Talent Academy is an award winning public speaking training business based in Adelaide, South Australia.
    Founded by our speaker coach, Sanja Jovanovic, we aim to improve public speaking and communication for individuals, organisations and non-for-profits. We deliver professional coaching to facilitate effective communication and assist our clients to engage audiences.

    With over 20 years’ experience on screen and on stage, Sanja is adaptable and flexible to design workshops with content that is relevant and applicable to all. Working with executives, middle managers and line supervisors, she is always keen to find connections where she can assist and consult in business analysis and find clever ways to engage in the game of business.

    Talent Academy has had the opportunity to work across various sectors in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and broadly in China. Sanja’s workshop have assisted to improve the communication skills of team and management within the defence force, higher education with researchers, educators and TEDxAdelaide and TEDxUniSA.
    Talent Academy speaker coach - Sanja Jovanovic

    Learn with us

    • Theatre-based Approach

      Courses designed from both a theatre and corporate approach. First-hand tips to conquer stage fright and improve on your communication.

    • Video Lessons

      Pre-recorded course videos to watch and learn at your own pace.

    • PDF Guides

      Downloadable PDFs with tips and worksheet tasks for you to take notes and practise.

    • Unlimited Access

      Get unlimited, lifetime access to course contents with a single purchase.

    • Online Learning

      Learn at home, on your mobile or on the go, with easy online modules to start improving your skills wherever you are.

    Our Courses

    Talent Academy offers various online courses to suit your needs and skill level, whether you are a graduate or a professional speaker.

    Get started with our online training today! More courses coming soon.

    Customer Testimonials



    Sanja is not just a brilliant MC, she knows what it takes from experience to make an event work. Sanja is amazingly organised and resourceful while taking stress off everyone involved, she makes sure everything runs on times while remaining extremely diplomatic. While she is keeping everything in line and everyone happy, she is a brilliant speaker and knows how to engage the crowd while giving presenters confidence and guidance as needed throughout an event. I can not recommend Sanja highly enough and her consultation right from starting to organise an event through to the guests leaving. She is a talented speaker and someone that can be relied on in all situation to make the best possible outcome.



    Sanja is one of the most engaging, powerful and infectiously genuine speakers I have ever met. Beyond stage presence, Sanja has an amazing understanding of speaking and social dynamics. Her power is her ability to distill complex ideas into easy to understand practical actions for her audience. I've learned more about sub communications in 1 session with Sanja than I have from anyone else.


    Spending Made Easy

    Sanja is a life-saver. I have an event coming up and after attending her event "Pitch Like a Pro", I am actually excited about public speaking. Even though it is a couple of months off, I feel like her workshops are getting me totally in the right headspace to nail my presentation first time, and then EVERY time. Thank you Sanja!


    • Who are the courses designed for?

      Everyone! Our courses are aimed at both speakers wanting to prepare for their presentations, or anyone who wishes to improve on a new skill.

    • What are my pricing options?

      Courses are purchased through a single payment. Course pricing varies depending on the course topic and contents.

      For pricing details of a specific course, visit our Course List.

    • How long do I have to complete a course?

      You get lifetime access to course contents with your single purchase. Learn at your own pace!

    • Are there any prerequisites or assumed knowledge?

      No assumed knowledge is required. Whether you are an amateur in public speaking or working in the professional industry, there will always be some tips you can take out from our courses.

    • Is there a particular order I should enrol into the courses?

      All courses are independent and designed for you to work at your own pace. You can choose to follow our recommended course structures or just purchase individual courses that interest you.

    • Do you offer further training?

      Yes! Whether you wish for further assistance or just want to extend on your learning, Talent Academy offers one-on-one workshops to suit your needs. Arrange for an online meeting or meet us in our office in Adelaide, Australia.

      Contact us at or call 0402223626 to book a meeting.